Con SERJIS puedes hacer crecer tu negocio a escala mundial, de una manera simple y económica.


  • Se parte de esta red de artesanos, y mostremos el valor de la artesanía a todo el mundo.


Simple steps to start selling worldwide
  • Easy to Use

    Simple and friendly processes for you to use.

  • Profitable

    Publish all your products for FREE, without monthly payments or subscriptions.

  • Tools

    We provide you with the tools to keep control of your store, with all the information and statistics about your sales.

  • Help

    We are with you in every step of your growth, we support you 24 hours a day, for any questions you may have.

Simple Pricing Structure

  • 10%

    Commission Fee

  • +
  • $1

    Shipping Fee

  • +
  • $4

    Marketplace Fee

  • +
  • 15%

    Service Tax

  • +
  • Amt.

    Amount You Earned

  • =
  • Price

    Price You Decide

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