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Holder: Refers to the person who owns the personal data processed by SERJIS.

Personal Data: Set of information that can be related to one or more natural persons.

Sensitive Data: Those that affect the privacy of the Data Subject or whose improper use may lead to discrimination, such as those that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of trade unions, social organizations, human rights.

Data processing: Any operation on personal data, such as the collection, recording, recording, organization, conservation, modification, extraction, consultation, transmission, suppression, destruction, and use.

Data controller: Natural or legal person, public or private, that by itself or in association with others, has the control of the personal data.

Data Base: Organized group of personal data that is the object of Processing.

User: The person who will make use of the services offered by SERJIS.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Is the new regulation that regulates the protection of data of citizens living in the European Union.


SERJIS implements its data collection and processing, in accordance with current legal regulations.

It has a security protocol implemented by the entire team, which is trained with all the security standards on personal data that is collected and stored in SERJIS, for an appropriate use of this information.

It uses, for the handling of the information, tools and integrations with third parties that comply with the personal data regulations for specific purposes.

It complies with the general principles of the GDPR regarding data quality, consent and right to information and offers all data holders the rights of access, rectification, data portability, restriction, deletion and opposition.

It complies with the general criteria of fairness and transparency of data processing. The purposes are determined, explicit and legitimate.

Applies data minimization, collecting only adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary. It guarantees the accuracy and updating of these data and keeps them only for the time necessary for the purposes of the processing.

It takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an adequate level of security.


SERJIS requires your free, prior, express and informed consent for the processing of your personal data, except in the cases expressly authorized by law.


We can obtain your information by:

  • E-mail.
  • Web page.
  • Application.

We may give your information to the following persons:

  • To the Data Holders or representatives.
  • To the legal entities.
  • To third parties authorized by any law of the Republic of Colombia.
  • To third parties that the Data Subject expressly authorizes.


In these cases, your authorization is not necessary:


  • Information required by a public entity by court order.
  • Data of a public nature.
  • Cases of medical or health emergency.
  • Processing of information authorized by law for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.



SERJIS collects Personal Data for the following purposes:


  • Develop administrative, human resources, commercial management, advertising and information activities.
  • Contacting the Headlines to monitor and evaluate the quality of our products and services.
  • Create close knowledge of your customers and third parties for segmentation, marketing and sales activities.
  • Improve your experience in using the application.
  • Know your preferences and general trends in the Application.
  • Allow the general operation of the Application.
  • To provide registered Users with certain information and services available.
  • Obtain, store, classify, exchange, update, process, reproduce and dispose of the information you have given us.
  • Compare, verify and validate the data it obtains in due form with credit risk centers with which it has commercial relations.
  • Transfer the data or partial or total information to its subsidiaries, shops, companies and/or affiliated entities and strategic partners.



As the owner of the data, you have the right to:


  • To know, access, update, rectify, delete and consult your Personal Data at any time regarding the data that you consider to be inaccurate, fractioned, incomplete, those that lead to error or those whose processing has not been authorized.
  • To be informed by SERJIS of the use that has been made of Personal Data, upon request.
  • To consult the control and security mechanisms available and to request specific related information.
  • To request the deletion of any data and/or to revoke the authorization when considered necessary.
  • Object, complain, complain and request the portability of your data.
  • Submit to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce the complaints that he considers pertinent to assert his right to Habeas Data before SERJIS.



We acknowledge that you are the Owner of your personal data and therefore you are the only one who can decide on them. In accordance with the above, SERJIS assumes the following duties in its capacity as Data Controller:


  • To obtain the express authorization of the Data Controller to carry out any type of data processing.
  • To request and keep, under the conditions provided for in the Law on Protection of Personal Data, a copy of the respective authorization granted by the Data Subject.
  • Inform you as the data holder clearly and expressly the Treatment to which they will be submitted and the Purpose of such Treatment by virtue of the authorization granted.
  • Provide the Data Controller, as appropriate, only data whose processing is previously authorized in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data.
  • Inform the rights that you have as owner, with respect to your data.
  • Maintain and watch over the security of the stored Personal Data records to prevent their deterioration, loss, alteration, unauthorized or fraudulent use.
  • Carry out periodic and timely updating and rectification of data, each time you as the owner of the same reports news or requests.
  • To inform the identification, physical and/or electronic address and telephone number of the person or area that will have the quality of Responsible for the Treatment.
  • In case of substantial changes in the content of this Policy of Information Treatment which can affect the content of the authorization that you have granted us, we will communicate you opportunely and efficiently the changes before or at the latest at the moment of implementation of the new policies.


SERJIS retains your personal information for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. SERJIS may retain your information for longer periods as permitted or required by law, for example, to maintain deletion lists, or to prevent abuse. When we no longer have a legitimate need to process your information, we will delete your information from our active databases. We will also store the information securely and isolate it on backup disks to prevent it from being processed until the deletion can be made.


SERJIS may collect two types of User information:

1 Non-Personal Information: It refers to the anonymous and non-identifiable information ( "Non-Personal Information"). SERJIS will not identify the Users’ information without login or registration in SERJIS. Non-personal information is classified in Technical Information and Behavioral Information, as detailed below:

1.1 Technical information
  • Type of operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.).
  • Type of browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).
  • Screen resolution (eg 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, etc.).
  • Keyboard and browser language (eg: English).
  • IP address.

1.2 Behavior Information
  • The links when the User is navigating on the application.
  • The Information related to the User activities in the application; admission date, the access time, among other information.
  • Other information related to the User behavior in the Application.
2 Personal information: Refers to the individual private information ("Personal Information"). Personal Information collected by SERJIS consists of personal data entered voluntarily by the User:

2.1 Profile Settings: The user creates a profile within the Platform, entering the existing email address and password. It must be confidential.
2.2 Information of Third Party Sites: Refers to the Third Party Sites once the User has authorized the connection with SERJIS. The Third Party Sites Information is subject to Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of Third Applications.


SERJIS receives the information in three steps:
1. At the time of registration on the Application.
2. When you enter the information to order the products.
3. When you upload any other information to the Application for the provision of the service or purchase of any product.


As a general rule, your data will not be transmitted to third parties, except in cases where we are legally bound, also in case the transfer of data is necessary for the establishment of the contractual relationship or when you have given your explicit consent to the data transfer.

For the internal management of the data, they can be known by employees authorized by SERJIS, who know the security procedures for data collection.

For the external management of the data, that is, when I transfer personal data to third parties, such as suppliers or affiliated companies, among others, we will ensure that they comply with data protection legislation, with security measures and the same guarantees granted by us, in accordance with article 28 of the GDPR. Also, we recommend you check the data protection policy of the corresponding provider. The amount of data transmitted will be the minimum necessary, in accordance with the authorizations that have been granted by the Holders of personal data. SERJIS for these cases will subscribe the transmission contract that takes place under the terms of Decree 1074 of 2015. Once the need for Processing of Personal Data ceases, they will be removed from the SERJIS databases in safe terms.


The Use agrees that SERJIS may use its contact information in order to inform about offers or promotions that may interest the User. The User allows receiving advertisements and other marketing materials. SERJIS can send the information to the email address provided by the User.

The User can unsubscribe from receiving marketing material at any time by sending a notice to the email used to send the advertising. SERJIS is not responsible for the content of those ads or the content related to the products or services provided by third parties.


By accessing or using the application, SERJIS can use technologies such as "cookies" (or similar technologies) which stores certain information on the User’s computer ("Local Storage"). These technologies allow automatic activation of certain features and better use of the service.

The cookies used in the service are created per session, does not include any information about the User, except the session password, which is removed at the end of the session in the Application (usually after 24 hours). Most browsers allow the User to erase cookies from the hard drive, block cookies of acceptance, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. To delete or disable the Local Storage, the User must use the configuration option according to the instructions provided by the technology provider. However, if the User blocks the cookies or deletes them, the online experience of the User can be limited.

SERJIS can use certain third-party cookies each time the User visits the application or when visiting other websites that use similar cookies, without fluctuating the Service of the Platform. The third-party cookies are stored only as Non-Personal Information, such as history of websites visited, and duration of browsing, etc.


SERJIS take care, provides and adopts the technical, human and administrative measures that are necessary to maintain the security of the information of the Users and tries to avoid its loss, adulteration, access or consultation of third parties not authorized to the Application through standard technologies of industry and internal procedures, including through the use of symbols and encryption mechanisms. However, SERJIS does not guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur. Likewise, we guarantee that:
  • SERJIS has security protocols and access to information, storage and processing systems, including physical security risk control measures. The monitoring of the system is carried out through the analysis of vulnerabilities. The personnel of SERJIS that performs the treatment of data returns with the security of the information.
  • SERJIS has the duty to notify if there is a security breach in the information to the Users within 72 hours to it.
  • Access to different databases is restricted even for employees and collaborators.
  • All employees and third parties have signed confidentiality clauses in their contracts and are committed to the proper manipulation of the databases in accordance with the guidelines on treatment of the information established in the Law.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to have all security controls on their computers or private networks for navigation to our portals.


Any Third Party Holder of Personal Data has the right to directly request SERJIS to delete their personal information and revoke the authorization granted to the User who enters the information to the Platform. The User authorizes SERJIS to directly perform the elimination of their databases or any information that contains personal data of Third Parties. In the event that the request for the deletion of personal data by the Client or third party is made directly to the User, it will be responsible for the elimination of the information from his user account. 


Any User information is governed by the SERJIS Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. SERJIS reserves the right to modify such documents and encourage the User to visit this page frequently. In case of any material change, SERJIS will endeavor to post a notice of such amendment in the application.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy shall take effect from the "last update" however the service will continue, and the User must accept the revision.

Attention to queries, petitions, complaints and complaints.

Any holder or assignee of Personal Data is entitled to free consultations and requests to SERJIS to know, update, rectify, delete information and revoke the authorization or to make requests, complaints and claims regarding the Treatment that SERJIS gives the information.

The Holders can contact the Administrative Area responsible for the attention of petitions, complaints and claims through the email:

The query must be addressed in the name of the Administrative Area, with the full name of the Holder, the description of the query, request, complaint or claim, address of residence, contact telephone number and email. The holder of the information must present and / or attach the following documents:

  • If it is the Holder: Valid identity document.
  • If it is the successor: Valid identity document, Civil Registry of Death of the Holder, Document proving the quality in which it acts and the number of the Holder's identity document.
  • If it is a legal representative and / or proxy: Valid identity document, Document proving the status of legal Representative and / or proxy of the holder and the identity document number of the Holder.

In the event that the query is incomplete, SERJIS will request the interested party to remedy the faults within five (5) days of receipt of the claim. After two months from the date of the request, without the applicant submitting the requested information, it will be understood that he has withdrawn from the claim or petition.

The consultation will be attended in a maximum term of ten (10) working days from the date of filing. When it is not possible to attend the consultation within this term, the reasons for the delay will be informed, and the date on which the consultation will be attended, which in no case may exceed the five (5) business days following the expiration of the first term.


Any holder or assignee of Personal Data has the right to request from SERJIS the total or partial elimination of their Personal Data. For this, the procedure established in the previous point of this document will be followed.

The deletion of Data will operate and will be finally provided they: (a) are not being treated as established by current legislation, (b) are no longer necessary for the purpose with which they were collected or, (c) Has exceeded the period of time required to meet the purpose for which they were collected.

SERJIS may deny removal when: (a) The Contractor has a legal and / or contractual duty to remain in the database; (b) The suppression of the data hinders ongoing judicial or administrative proceedings.


SERJIS is committed to protecting the information of the Owners. Therefore, it respects and protects personal data in accordance with international rules that govern the management and information privacy and data protection.


In case of any dispute between the User and SERJIS regarding the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, the parties can initiate a claim before the Court of Colombia and accept that such Court is competent to resolve such dispute.


If you have any questions (or comments) about the Privacy Policy, the User can send an email to the following address:, SERJIS will respond in the shortest possible time.



SERJIS is located at the following address and the contact details are the following, the above for the purpose of being notified of any judicial act or of any type.


Address: Ruta N, street 67 52-20

Phone: +573116940351



Last updated: 20 December 2019